The Victory Will Come

I found myself feeling very emotional this morning as I realized on this Monday that nothing has changed in my community during this Coronavirus ordeal, instead there are now more restrictions! I felt a little overwhelmed. I am missing intensely the normalcy I had before all this junk started.

I am missing people other than my husband whom I see daily. I want to have face to face conversations with friends, I want to enjoy lunch with them, I want that social interaction and I don’t want to stay six feet away from them!

I am saddened by the closure of businesses that are affecting so many small business owners including my salon and a church member’s salon as well. Restaurants are having to find their new normal by shifting to take out, curbside or delivery options. People are going from store to store to find essential products that are extremely difficult to find! Gee whiz you can’t even rely on Amazon too much because they cannot get the products.

For those of us who are a part of our church communities we can’t even gather together at this time. Instead we are all doing live streaming services and watching while sitting on our couches in our pj’s or gathered around a table with our coffee in hand listening to our pastors share their message. No problem with social distancing in this scenario is there? I miss what we have lost! Watching on my laptop is no substitute for me and will never be. I wouldn’t mind a blow out party when we all get together. We should have party favors, whistles, balloons, loud celebrating and food!!

I am not an introvert! Nor am I full blown, far right on the extrovert scale. I am an extrovert who needs human interaction regularly and a little time to recharge but I am feeling the need for a jail break right about now! Some of you may be feeling the same thing.

As a Christian I understand I am not truly alone because I have a very personal relationship with Jesus and He is my source for everything. He is my strength, my refuge, my joy and friend! I am fully persuaded that in time this situation will change. You, along with me, may be having moments of frustration and feeling emotional. It’s okay but remember not to stay camped there. Take time to pray and worship. Share all your emotions with the Lord because He understands. Don’t let this defeat you! God has delivered me and you many times and He will do it again!

We have some great examples of how God rescued people and brought forth amazing miracles. We can grab our Bibles and read all their stories. Here are some examples you might consider reading to remind you of God’s faithfulness. I know I am reminding myself too.

Abraham and Sarah’s miracle of Isaac.

Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac was stopped because of God’s supernatural provision of a ram in the bush.

Moses and the children of Israel walked across the Red Sea while God parted the water.

Joshua and the new generation of  people were able to cross the Jordan into the land promised to them.

Daniel was thrown into a lions den but the Lord kept the mouths of the lions shut so that they could not devour him.

The Hebrew teenage boys were thrown into a fiery furnace and were not singed nor smelled of smoke when they came out.

Finally, the best one of all! Jesus, though suspected to be dead forever after being buried in a tomb, burst out of that tomb very alive holding the keys of hell, death and the grave! Because of Jesus we have victory. He was not defeated and we are not defeated! The Victory WILL come! Stay prayed up, continue to worship and reach out to one another until this is over. We have NEVER been where we are now BUT Jesus is here with us. He will carry us through. When the emotions come, cabin fever overtakes you STOP, PRAY and PRAISE!

Let’s pray for our communities and for those who are ill, lost their jobs and fighting on the front lines. Pray for our President and those involved in working hard to right this ship that appears to be sinking. Just as the disciples did while they were in their fishing boat during a fierce storm, Jesus spoke to the waves to be still and they obeyed. Let us speak calm to the storm called Coronavirus and hang on tight until this is finished.

Living by the brook,