Fight or Flight

Most of us understand what the meaning of fight or flight means. This is the response we have to a perceived dangerous situation. Are we fighting or fleeing? I think we can apply this to the dilemma we are now facing.

I was having a conversation with the Lord again about the current circumstances we all find ourselves in with COVID-19 and the current political climate. How do I position myself in the middle of the mess? I feel like I need to do both…fight and flight. I know, that sounds a bit schizophrenic doesn’t it?

I will fight while I take a stand against evil and I will run to Jesus when I am overwhelmed. Ephesians 6:11-13 in the Passion Translation reads like this: “Put on God’s complete set of armor provided for us, so that you fight against the evil strategies of the accuser! Your hand-to-hand combat is not with human beings, but with the highest principalities and authorities operating in rebellion under the heavenly realms. For they are a powerful class of demon-gods and evil spirits that hold this dark world in bondage. Because of this, you must wear all the armor that God provides so you’re protected as you confront the slanderer, for you are destined for all things and will rise victorious.” I will keep declaring the truth I know and I will fight until the end.

Now, I do not have all the answers to our political issues but is it not possible that God can protect me in the darkest of days? If the things change drastically for America is God still BIGGER than the Goliaths facing me? Yes, he can and yes he is! Psalm 91:1-4 says, “He is the hope that holds me and the Stronghold to shelter me, the only God for me, and my great confidence. He will rescue you from every hidden trap of the enemy, and he will protect you from false accusation and any deadly curse. His massive arms are wrapped around you, protecting you. You can run under his covering of majesty and hide. His arms of faithfulness are a shield keeping you from harm.”

My God is either everything he declares himself to be or he is not. I choose to believe that even IF things do not turn out as I hope he is able to keep me. In Jeremiah 29 the Lord instructed Jeremiah to have a letter sent from Jerusalem to all the remaining exiled elders, priest, prophets and people Nebuchadnezzar had deported to Babylon. He told them that they would be in captivity for seventy years but that they should build houses, plant gardens, marry, have children and pray for the prosperity of the city. If they would do that he would bless them during captivity. This was not what they all wanted to hear but God proved to be faithful to them the entire time.

Got questions? We all do! So, I am going to continue to armor up and run to Jesus. I know of no other path. When I am confused I am running to the Rock. When it is time to engage in battle I will be ready. I would rather go to sleep and wake up the next day to an entirely different scenario than the one that now exists but I must cling to Jesus ever more tightly until the battle is over.

So, don’t give up, stay the course and endure to the end because there is a prize at the end of the race. One day we will see the One who fought with us, carried us through the storm and held us close when we were scared. He is more than able to all that we can imagine or think. Stay strong in the Lord, he is able.

Jesus You Are Our Hope

This morning when I came into my study to read and pray as usual Maggie refused to take no for an answer in regards to piling up in my lap to join me. Every time this happens I cannot ignore the picture of me insisting on crawling up in Jesus’s lap too. There is a certain comfort that comes when I sense that he is here with me and holding me close. I need his embrace more now than ever.

It has now been nine since our world was changed by COVID-19. Like me I am sure you are so over this! We have been looking towards 2021 since all of this starting clinging to the hope that something brand new would be birthed after these nine months. It appears our labor will be longer. I am sure you are as weary as I. But hang on, don’t throw in the towel and say you are done. Because of Jesus we always have hope.

In the Gospel of John chapter 6 Jesus had a lengthy conversation the day after they feed the five thousand with those who followed him in boats across the sea. Jesus shared that he was the bread of life and if they would eat this bread they would live forever. This did not sit well with those who heard these words. How confusing that must have sounded? Pretty much the world during this time was being turned upside down because of Jesus and his ministry. He disturbed the environment everywhere he went. He said things completely contrary to anything they had ever heard before. Too most it had to be difficult to digest a living a life different than the one they were so accustomed too. Some were ready to give up. Jesus’s words were too hard to hear. This story may not necessarily relate to our circumstances now but many of us have probably wanted to give up, throw in the towel and say “I’m done’!

Jesus even asked the disciples after they said his teaching was too difficult and who could accept it would they leave as well? He knew they were complaining about how their culture was being turned upside down by things they had never heard before or experienced. This was new territory for everyone.

Some of those that had been following could not endure and they left. Jesus asked the twelve this: “You don’t want to go away too, do you?” Peter had the perfect response. He said, “Lord, to whom will we go” You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.”

So, here we all are in this crazy mess we still find ourselves in and ask where else do we go? Sometimes we look up in our frustration and ask for help. Psalm 121:1-3 says, “I look up to the mountains and hills, longing for God’s help. But then I realize that our true help and protection come only from the Lord, our Creator who made the heavens and the earth. He will guard and guide me, never letting me stumble or fall. God is my keeper; he will never forget nor ignore me.” TPT

There are so many voices yelling at us everyday. Political voices, commentaries from media, friends, social media and the enemy of our soul. To survive we must turn away from the voices that speak lies and confusion and give zero hope. I agree it is very difficult to do but we must allow the truth of the Word of God and those things the Spirit of the Lord gives us personally be what we embrace. We are bombarded daily and we are tempted to check out but I encourage you to run to Jesus and pile up in his lap and allow him to speak and comfort you. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” John 8:12

I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I know who holds my future! I will do my best to run to Jesus. I will do my best to trust his words, not man’s. I will make a decision to speak life, not death. When I feel this world trying to crush me, I will remember that I am an overcomer!

Lord, may we run to you for help. May we be the light in this dark world and may we be kind and loving to those around us. Amen!