How can an extrovert be lonely? It is very easy to be lonely and extroverted especially when your fuel source is taken away. Extroverts do not thrive when isolated. On the spectrum of personality types you have introverts, ambiverts and extroverts. All of us share a little of each. But for the most part we have one that is more dominate. Those who are ambiverts are a happy blend of both.

I am an extrovert who probably is in the middle between ambivert and extrovert. Here are some characteristics that extroverts have that I found on verywellmind.com. 1.We recharge by being with other people. 2. We solve problems through discussion. 3. We are friendly. 4. We are open and willing to share. 5. We enjoy talking.

Those certainly describe me in a lot of ways, especially number three about being open and willing to share. I am an open book. I love sharing with others and I enjoy the interaction a good discussion offers in the socializing opportunities I am presented with.

Guess what? Most of those have been removed from my life for more than sixty days now. I have very little opportunity to be with other people other than my husband, which is mostly on weekends. All the things that fuel me as an extrovert have been stolen from me due to this ridiculous isolation period which resulted from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

I am starving for social interaction! I miss people, human touch and heart to heart conversations. This has left me hungry for the fuel that is necessary for my own personal emotional health. For me, as an extrovert, staying isolated for three or four days in a row is difficult. It makes me sad. It makes me feel lonely. I feel like I should be in a support group for extroverts suffering from Coronavirus Loneliness Syndrome! Hi my name is Marilyn and I am lonely.

The only natural family I have here is my husband and my oldest son. My youngest son lives in Virginia and my sister lives in Illinois. She is not a very social person so we talk very little. So now that all my socializing opportunities are gone I find myself working extra hard to keep myself encouraged so that depression does not take over.

I am a born again, spirit-filled Christian who knows truth and walks in truth but I need people! I have had many tearful days since March 21, 2020. I also regularly spend time reading my Bible, praying and listening to worship songs. I know Jesus loves me, but I need hugs, I need fellowship with others, I need friends!

I don’t know exactly how things are going to be in few weeks? I hope it won’t be hard to transition into the life I had before all this mess. I want my life back!

So, to all you introverts I am glad that this forced isolation has served you well but for people like me it has been very difficult. I am hopeful that when this is over I can wave goodbye to this lonely extrovert. Until then…….

Living by the brook,

Your lonely extrovert……Marilyn!