The Reasons for My Praise

I was listening to CeCe Winans on my phone while driving yesterday. I was so filled with thankfulness and joy as I was singing along with each song. I began to worship and praise because of ALL the Lord has done for me. There is no way you could know all the reasons for my praise!

Do you know how much the Lord has done for me? The list is probably endless. Perhaps you will indulge me if I give some of the reasons.

First, I did not know Him but He knew me. He hovered over me when I was lost and searching in all the wrong places for love and acceptance. He protected me from myself.

He gave me school teacher who wrote a prayer that she gave to me before I even knew Jesus. This prayer was read by me for over two years before I became a believer.

A high school friend asked me to a Young Life meeting while I was a sophomore in high school and in June of 1970 at a Young Life camp I was saved.

In 1976 I made a commitment to be yielded to the Holy Spirit on a day to day basis and acknowledge it is by His power that I will continue on my journey.

God blessed me with an amazing godly man to be my husband in 1980! We have been married 39 years now.

I have two amazing sons that I love with every fiber of my being.

He protected my son Morgan while he was in the Army and away from us and from his relationship with the Lord. He sent angels to keep him from being killed while stationed in Iraq. He heard  and answered my prayers to change his heart and turn it back to us and to Him.

My son Matthew graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with honors. The Lord provided him with a cute little house two years ago. He loves God with all his heart.

When Mike would be repeatedly laid off from jobs God was our provider. He met every need we had. When my faith would wane He would encourage me and I would stay determined that God would not fail us.

Every time we moved to our new houses God directed our steps and at times supernaturally caused me to locate the house He had for us.

When I would lose clients for various reasons I would ask God to quickly replace that client and He always did. He has never let me down.

Even when we were young and had little money our lives were full of joy and provision.

When we crashed our motorcycle in 2007 we were not critically injured. Our insurance paid for everything.

On July 4th this year Mike had a neurological event that required him to have an ER visit. He is okay. Even though we will have to pay a few thousand dollars after insurance we are able.

As of this last September when Mike was surprisingly fired from a job after 16 and one half years God provided a job that would meet our needs along with our Social Security.

I am alive today. I have a sound mind. I am in relatively good health. I am thankful for all God has done. I have a wonderful family. I have a beautiful home. I have money in the bank. I have food in my pantry. I have good friends. But most of all I have Jesus!

Psalm 109:30 says this: “With my mouth I will thank the LORD profusely; I will praise Him in the presence of many.”

My list truly is endless and so will be my praise! He is worthy of praise as long as I have breath.