There Will Be A Day

Most of us know that there has been three terrible mass shootings in our nation in the last five days. It is absolutely heartbreaking! I have seen some of the news coverage and press conferences by mayors, police and FBI in all of these incidents. I watch people groping for answers. They talk extensively about gun control, mental health, more security, etc. Everyone is looking for answers which is good but they are looking in the wrong direction.

We have a problem that is deeper than any of the points that people are speaking about. We have have a spiritual problem! I don’t particularly want to sound cliche but what our nation needs is Jesus. There was a song in the 70’s by Andre Crouch that was very popular called Jesus Is the Answer. He is the answer and always has been. The beginning of the song says: “Jesus is the answer for the world today, above Him there’s no other, Jesus is the way.”  America’s problem is a spiritual problem. I wish there was a list that you could just follow and it would cure what is wrong with the hearts of people but there isn’t! Laws cannot legislate morality! The only way a persons heart can be changed is by realizing their need for Jesus, repenting and accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord.

This morning as I was spending time reading my Bible and listening to some worship music I began thinking of heaven.  I know that there will be a day when the world we live in will be longer. I know that heaven is my eventual forever home. I am thankful for this. I am sure so many people do not have this confidence. People die every day not knowing Jesus. I ache when I see all these horrible killings knowing many who die, die without Jesus.

I pray that I never become a victim of a mass shooting! I want to live to be at least 90 years old with a strong body and strong mind. However, if someone points a gun at me and shoots me then my life will be over here but, I know that my soul will forever be in heaven and one day I will have a brand new body with no frailties and no limitations. Oh, what a day that will be! Can I get a shout from somebody?

As I was thinking about all of this after my quite time while the worship music was playing I began to write these words:

There will be a future where tear drops do not fall. There will be a future where the          light will never dim. There will be a day when He takes me away. There will be a                day when I will see Him face to face.

Yes, this broken world can be so hard. This hurt and hate tears me apart. But one                day Jesus will come again, the’ll be no more sorrow and no more pain. Yes, there                will be a day!

America needs revival like never before! We need a supernatural visitation from God. I believe we have forgotten and perhaps forsaken some holy practices that we need to bring back to life as we gather together. The first few would be repentance and prayer. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says: “Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” This was what the Lord spoke to Solomon shortly after the dedication of the Temple. He told Solomon that if He were to shut up the heavens so that no rain would fall or command grasshoppers to devour the crops, and send plagues among them that He would relent if they fell to their faces and repented. Do you not think God would not do this again if America would repent? Oh yes, He would!

In 1970 in Wilmore, Kentucky a revival broke out at then Asbury College, which is now Asbury Theological Seminary. It all began at a chapel service in early February with a testimony service that was prompted by the Dean of Students. One testimony blossomed into a sequence of numerous testimonies, then people were open and honest about their relationship with the Lord not being what they wanted, then repentance, then tears, then…….REVIVAL!! It was not short lived and it changed a community. It’s beginning was birthed by students gathering for prayer. If you are interested read the book called One Divine Moment, I guarantee it will touch you.

We need prayer now! We need revival now! We need to reignite a small flickering flame so that it would turn into a blazing fire throughout our communities. I am yearning for this so much right now. Oh Lord, please pour out upon us your Spirit that we may burn once again with holy fire. Lord that we would no longer be room temperature Christians but that we would burn hot for you! Let’s join our hearts together and forget our differences and come together as Jesus lovers to ask the Lord to pour out his Spirit upon us once again!

This is what will change the culture of violence we see everyday. This is what will change the vitriolic spirit rampant among all our governing entities in Washington, D.C. This is what will push back the darkness. Yes, there will be a day! There will be a moment in time when the darkness of this world will end when the KING OF GLORY breaks through the sky but for now can we pray? Let’s start a prayer meeting! I am willing if you are. For those of you who are my friends and acquaintances who live nearby and you are interested reach out to me and we can meet for this purpose. I can be reached at or reach out to me via Messenger on facebook.

Living by the brook,