The Be Attitudes

No, I am not confused about how to properly spell Beatitudes. This past Sunday I heard something that made me start thinking about the Beatitudes. So, yesterday when I finally had some time I read Matthew 5:3-10.

The meaning of the word beatitudes is supreme blessedness. The meaning of attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about something or someone.

Each beatitude is very specific. It address an “if-then” situation. I believe that you can look at The Beatitudes from the point of view of our attitude. Our attitude determines a whole lot for us. As I was reading each one and checking out various translations I made a paraphrase for each. I am choosing to call them The Be Attitudes.

If we will embrace a particular godly posture with each of these beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5 we will see that our attitude determines whether we are blessed. Our choice determines the outcome.

Please understand I am not correcting The Beatitudes. I am simply expressing them a little differently to show how the proper approach in our attitude results in the supreme blessedness God promises we will experience when we respond correctly.

  1. Be content within your soul and remember it is not about you, when you do this God’s Kingdom will posses you.
  2. Be sorrowful when it is time for sorrow, because God will be your comfort.
  3. Be humble in your attitude, and God will increase your influence.
  4. Be hungry for His righteousness, He will fill you up.
  5. Be merciful, you will have mercy shown to you.
  6. Be willing to keep your heart clean, then God will reveal himself to you.
  7. Be a genuine peacemaker, people will know that you are a child of God.
  8. Be aware you can be persecuted for being a Jesus follower, but remember God will be your Defender.

As believer in Christ our attitude determines a whole lot for us. So much of what we do day-to-day is a result of choice. When we choose the right attitude as we go through each day God has given us we can walk in blessings. It is our choice.

Jesus gathered his disciples on a hillside 2,000 years ago to teach them that they had to learn to live a life different from what they had always knows. He wanted them to know they would be swimming against the flow if they followed Him.

It is still that way today. We must have a counterculture way of life as a Christian. The “if-then”s do apply. If we do what Jesus says we will get the best result. We can follow “The Be Attitudes” in all our situations and have supreme blessedness as our reward. That is being a light in a dark world. One day we will exit this world and break through heaven’s doors and receive our full reward. Until then remember to let your light shine and have the right attitude.

Living by the brook,