Joy Comes In The Morning

This past weekend I attended a Beth Moore Living Proof Live conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas. As always Living Proof Ministries does everything with excellence. The three sessions were full of great worship, rich teaching of the Word and a lots of things to mull over after returning home.

Beth Moore taught on two types of Christians. One being a caver (someone who chooses to hide away from life) and a climber (someone who is willing to be open and vulnerable). She did an acrostic on the word climber. I want to share my take away from the letter “b”. Her point for the letter b was this:Bring God your lament and He’ll bring back your praise.

She mentioned that one-third to one-half of the Psalms are laments. I did not know that the percentage was so high, but it is obvious when you read them you feel like all David is doing is lamenting about something. So many Psalms sound so discouraging but by the end of the Psalm he is rejoicing in the God of his salvation and remembering all God has done for him. He did not stay in his lamenting state forever. In Psalm 30:5 it says, “Weeping may stay overnight, but there is joy in the morning.”

Have you ever been around someone who seems to wear a blanket of sorrow or grief ? Perhaps there is something that weighs them down so much they can think of nothing else, they are consumed! It can be difficult to be around them at times. Well, I was one of those people.

Oh, I was not severely depressed or not engaging in the world around me but I was grieving on a daily basis that a great desire of my heart had not yet been fulfilled. I was so consumed with it that I dwelt on it, talked about it, prayed about it until people around me were surely nauseated! I know you must be waiting to hear what it was, right? I had been grieving the fact that at the age of 65 I had not yet become a Granny! Yes, I wanted a grand baby desperately. I wanted it so badly that it consumed me.

Last December God began to break through my grief and reveal to me that I was allowing this to poison what God had for my future. I began to see that there was a future and hope for me as a senior adult without grand babies. I made a choice to meet with a friend to pray with her about my circumstance. It was amazing what God did when I was made aware by the Holy Spirit of the stronghold it had on me. God graciously gave me a moment in time that day where I could truly lament what was to me a death. I said yes to a future without what I had obsessed over for so long and agreed to go forward and take hold of whatever God had for me. I am reminded of the scripture Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”-this is the LORD’S declaration-“plans for your well-being, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” No matter the situation God is GREATER! My story, your story continues even if something does not happen like we think it should. God is faithful! When I lamented, God brought back praise.

Since last December I now volunteer in the nursery with the babies! I can give them love, hugs and feel quite fulfilled. I am no longer consumed with an unhealthy desire that was stealing from me. I no longer annoy God with my constant ramblings about it, my friends no longer have to hear about it and the women’s ministry team is free from hearing me mourn ad nauseam. It has been a liberating eight months for me and I am sure for those who had to endure me. I owe them all so much and if any of them reads this I am truly sorry!

So, let me add this. If you are walking in a similar place as I did for those years there is hope! I understand the ache in your heart. I lived there far too long. Make a decision to move forward and leave the sorrow behind. God is not finished with you or me. We have a life to live and a story of victory to share. God will fill our desires when we choose to give Him our lament so He can give us back our praise!

Yes, sorrow may stay overnight or for years, BUT joy truly comes in the morning!

Living by the brook,