I am sure many of you have seen the graphic of the large bird, possibly a crane, with a large frog in its mouth that says “Never Give Up!”  That is our story. What occurred yesterday is the fruit of staying the course even when we felt like we were being swallowed up by hopelessness at times. I would like to share briefly the story.

Our oldest son is by far one the finest young men you will ever meet. He is a 2005 college graduate from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. He knew from the age of seven he wanted to be an artist. He received a full honors scholarship to the University of Memphis. After five years he graduate Cum Laude and fulfilled his dream. However, his degree never gave him the opportunities he had hoped. He soon found out it was not necessarily what you know but who you know. He is so crazy smart it amazes me but in today’s electronic age you never get the opportunity to impress with those smarts to someone face to face until you have sent hundreds of electronic resumes that get deleted before you can ever say hello.

He is like just like his dad. He works hard. Is faithful to his job committment but he has rarely been rewarded enough to make a substantial income. Thus, with the exception of fourteen months, he has lived with us. He was not and is not a slacker but in all good conscience we could not toss him out because of what people thought about our situation. Believe me, both he and I have struggled with the opinion of others many times. He felt uncomfortable so many times and my heart was overwhelmed with concern for him and his self confidence. I wanted nothing but good things for him but felt like he was being swallowed up by defeat.

As godly parents we see such potential in our children. It certainly does not change when they become adults. We are so proud of them and we want people to see that too and for them to be rewarded for their diligence and gifting by their employer. It does not always happen though. When that happens it can crush you as a parent and it can certainly crush them.

Perhaps you have not ever walked in such a situation as we have. I certainly do not know if you have or haven’t. But let me say it can be gut wrenching! For me it became more than that. As Mike and I approached our mid sixties and Matt his middle thirties I began to think God had forgotten us. Were all my prayers ignored? Were we destined to stay on this course for several more years to come? Would I be able to survive all this emotionally and would Matthew’s dreams and desires ever become a reality? I had no answers but deep down in my spirit I knew I had a God that NEVER failed……even when I could not see a glimmer of hope!

Now, let me take you back almost six weeks ago. God began to speak to my heart. He began to reveal to me that my hopes and dreams for my son had become an obsession and that I had linked my future peace and hope as a Christian to whether or not Matt moved out, had a raise or new job, and perhaps meet the future Mrs. Matthew Greganti. I wanted it so bad I was consumed. I was like a dog with its bone and I was not going to let it go! Then on October 9th one of my dear friends and I meet together to pray. God showed us both that I was so tangled up with my dreams for him I had none for me. God showed me that I had to totally release my grip and allow Him to untangle my heart from all the dreams I had for Matt and begin to live my life without it being tethered to what I wanted for Matthew.

I promise that very morning when I completely let go and agreed that I was allowing this to consume me I found FREEDOM! My friend and I finished our prayer time and I started a brand new journey.

That Friday, October 13th I went to our Women’s Retreat. It was an excellent time away. I was able to see even more clearly that God was never withholding…..He was only waiting! He gives good gifts to His children. He knows when it is time to give us things and it was not my business to know the time.

After the retreat was over and I was driving home I called Mike to tell him I was almost home. He said he had some great news to share when I got home. Oh my goodness was it ever great news! Matt had found a little house that he could afford and his offer was accepted!! It was confirmation that when we take our hands off the things that are none of our business we give God the freedom to work. Basically, it is called getting out of the way……COMPLETELY!

So here I am typing on my laptop at the end of very busy day after moving our son Matt into his new house. He is sleeping in his first house knowing that this is the beginning of many good things that God has for him. I prayed over him in my study this evening and he messaged me a few minutes ago that he went through is little house and prayed over it and dedicated it to the Lord. He prayed for angels to guard it and protect him from all harm. The journey has begun. I feel the flood gates are open and many good things will happen suddenly.

Isn’t it amazing to see God move when we get out of the way? Also, I must say God was so good to Matt today. We discovered the washing machine that the seller left was gross so we were in need of a washer and BAM Mike’s brother had a decent Kenmore washer in his garage he had not disposed of yet so Matt got it for free. He also gave us great favor today with the weather.  The forecast was for rain this morning until the afternoon. It did not rain until we finished our second trip and returned the U-Haul at 2:00 this afternoon. When we got the restaurant to eat lunch the bottom dropped out of those clouds and dumped a ton of rain. The move went super smooth and all we had were five adults and one ten year old.

I stand amazed at my Daddy God for His love, patience, favor, understanding and provision. I am thankful for all He has done and I know that my obedience opened the door for God to move! How great is my God!

Living by the brook,



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