Early this morning I was reading from one of my Beth Moore devotional books. She was sharing about how we as finite beings with frail human flesh can have the mind of Christ. That we can have his thoughts if we are so willing to yield our flesh to follow His Spirit versus our own carnal choices. This led me down a whole other path of not only can we have the mind of Christ but we house the very spirit of God within us. He dwells within us His jars of clay!

II Timothy says this, “Now in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver but also of wood and clay, some for honorable use, some for dishonorable.” ESV. The meaning of the word honor is to value as precious, it is treated with dignity. The meaning of dishonor is to disgrace something or allow it to become vile, shameful.

As Christ followers we have a choice how we live our lives. We can forget what God has done and choose our own way if we so desire but we need to consider the immense responsibility we have to live our lives as shining witnesses because Jesus changed our lives. We can bring honor to Him by living our lives as living, breathing stories for people to read each day. We walk around with Jesus on the inside of us and that should be visible to those around us.

Or we can choose to live a life that is dishonorable. We can convince ourselves that we can contaminate our vessel and live for ourselves and nobody else. We can disgrace the precious Spirit of God that lives in us and live only for ourselves but is it worth it? After all that Jesus has done why become a vessel of dishonor. Why become a container for trash when the Spirit of the living God brought you out of darkness to be the light to a dying world?

Jars of clay can all look the same on the outside but the honor or dishonor given to the vessel is determined by what the vessel is filled with. How amazing that we as fragile human flesh can house the King of Kings in our spirits. We can walk around as kings, queens, and priests if we will honor our vessels or we can allow our vessels to dry up and become a waste can for all the ungodly things we were delivered from.

The incredible miracle that Jesus came as flesh to live in flesh by his Spirit is beyond my understanding. But this one thing I know I was a broken and shattered clay pot that Jesus put back together. He took every chard of clay and molded it into a vessel that would be better than it was before. He poured Himself inside of me and said, “Go, let my light shine from your jar of clay and bring honor to my name.”

You may still have a few scratches or dings in your jar just like me but that’s okay because He still uses cracked pots! So go forth and be a cracked pot for Jesus!

Living by the brook,


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