Puzzle Pieces

My husband and I started a jigsaw puzzle last weekend. We are still putting pieces that look similar in different piles to make it a little easier to locate different areas of the picture. We now have the border completed and we are continuing to fill in each piece. It can be so daunting sometimes.

There is also another scenario that can be daunting to each of us and that is when the circumstances of our life don’t seem to fall in place quite like we had anticipated. I certainly have become aware of this in my own life due to a dream I have had for approximately the last seven years or so. I am turning 65 in two weeks and I really wanted my grown sons to be married by now and for me to have become a Mimi, Granny or Nana by now. I have wanted it so deeply that I became consumed with it. It is not that wanting those things is bad but what if my dreams and desires are not God’s plan for my sons? I began to link my future happiness to whether or not that dream became a reality in their lives.

This past week a friend and I sat down in my family room and discussed my circumstances and through prayer together I was able to see more clearly that I had misplaced my passion for the good things I have in my life for something that may never come to pass. I was missing out on God’s plan for me because I was frustrated over a piece of a puzzle that did not fit!

I actually began to see how it is just like working a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes we become obsessed with that ONE piece and we cannot rest until we find it. But we end up wasting lots of time looking for a piece that is still hidden while you can be filling in the puzzle with pieces that we do have. It is kind of like missing the forest for the trees. And most of the time if we will simply step back and look at the picture from a distance we can begin to see how things fall together. Before long the pieces reveal a wonderful end result and we enjoyed the process.

I have made a commitment to release my dreams on an altar. It is not easy. It hurts!! But God has always directed my steps. I know the voice of God and I also recognize the voice of the enemy of my soul too. Today I am choosing not to force puzzle pieces into a place where they don’t belong. God says that if we “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

I feel a little like Abraham walking up the mountain with his son Isaac to offer him as a sacrifice. All the while hurting on the inside but trusting that God knew what He was doing. When Abraham made the choice to obey, God provided the answer. There was a ram in the thicket! I have a God who loves me and he delights in me daily simply because I am his daughter. So for now I am going to enjoy the rest of the journey and watch the future unfold with peace and hope instead of anxiety and grief.

So remember that we all make plans but God directs our steps! And you know what I think I may become a volunteer in the nursery with the sweet little babies where I can give some love and snuggles! Sure sounds like a good idea.

Living by the brook,


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