Freedom Paid with Blood

Today we celebrate our 241st birthday as a nation. This nation was formed from people who came to this land in the late 16th century. People from Great Britain and other parts of the world came to escape tyranny, poverty and religious oppression. It did not happen overnight. Colonial America lasted until it finally declared its independence on July 4th, 1776.

This nation’s freedom was bought with the blood of many who were willing to give their lives to keep that freedom. It cost them everything! People who were tired of being held captive wanted freedom and they willingly paid the price.

Our Creator who longed to see His creation free from the grasp of Satan’s tyranny also had a plan. It took thousands of years instead of hundreds to deliver the people. He used men to lead His people to victory from their captors, to show them that God was their deliverer. He had men like Moses, Joshua, Jeremiah, Isaiah and others to rally their different generations to turn to God. However, God knew that these efforts were not enough to provide true freedom from their enemy.

The blood of goats and lambs would only provide a temporary reprieve until the divine plan of redemption would unfold. In the fullness of His timing our Creator brought forth a child supernaturally conceived with all the DNA of divinity to set His people free.

Unlike our nation that struggled nearly two hundred years until it’s day of freedom was declared on July 4th, 1776 it took thousands of years for the true deliverance from tyranny for mankind to come forth. But a glorious day arrived when Emmanuel arrived as the deliverer of all mankind. As He grew into adulthood He knew His mission was already planned. He was willingly going to sacrifice His life for theirs. He was going to shed His blood to buy their freedom. On a cross deliverance from tyranny would come. Jesus would lay down His life and as the blood flowed down to the ground it bought our freedom!

Freedom paid with blood! As a nation was born from bloodshed and sacrifice so a new creation is made possible by bloodshed. We become a new creation in Christ when we say YES to that sacrifice. Freedom from the enemy is ours.

If you are a Christian and an American you have two freedoms to celebrate. We are blessed beyond measure. “What joy for the nation whose God is the Lord, whose people he has chosen as his inheritance.” Psalm 33:12. Because God has His people living in the land we help preserve it. Be thankful for this nation and our good fortune to live here. God bless America!

Living by the brook,



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