Fan or Follower?

Perhaps some of you have read the book Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman. I have not read the book but I have been watching this video series on Right Now Media. It is very well done and adequately depicts how people become only a fan of Jesus not a follower.

Jesus defined a follower of Jesus in the scriptures. “Then, Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone wishes to follow Me [as My disciple], he must deny himself [set aside selfish interests], and take up his cross [expressing a willingness to endure whatever may come] and follow Me [believing in Me, conforming to My example in living and, if need be suffering or perhaps dying because of faith in Me]. Matthew 16:24 AMP

Sometimes as Christians we want our relationship with Jesus on our terms. We let Jesus have part of our life but not all of it. We say we give him our hearts but it is conditional. Perhaps you try to bargain with Him and say I will attend church a couple of times a month and give some money from time to time to help the church out. However, all the rest is yours. He is not welcomed to be a part of your marriage, your personal relationships and He is especially not welcome in your business practices. That is off limits!

We all have probably heard the expression, Jesus is not Lord at all if He’s not Lord of all.” Simple but true. I am not saying that we will become crispy critters when we miss an occasional Sunday service because Jesus is going to zap us for doing wrong. That is not the point. It is just that we set the parameters and do not consider what the scriptures say about followers.

Jesus didn’t go part of the way for you and me. He went all the way. He did not consider dying on the cross too great a price to pay for our redemption. He paid the highest price. It cost Him everything! He gave it all for us. So we have to examine do we give our all for Him.

Do we really want Him to have every part of our life? We should. We should be willing to say, Jesus, I give my life completely to You. You are welcome in every room. There is no place you cannot go. We have to be vulnerable enough to allow Him to put his finger on any area of our life that is not surrendered completely to Him.

Remember that when the rich young ruler asked Jesus what did he need to do to be saved he was told sell all you have and then come follow me. That young man walked away sorrowful because he could not release all his worldly possessions because they meant more to him than giving it up to be a follower of Jesus.

You know, I still have Jesus putting His finger on areas of my life that need changing. He pokes something that I am clinging onto and reminds me that I have to release it to Him. I don’t want to be a Christian that is a Church on Sunday fan only. I want to be a follower that says whatever it takes Lord I want you to have all of me.

A disciple or follower becomes like his teacher. We are to be like Jesus in a crazy world that is pushing Him over a cliff daily. The world is looking for answers and that answer is Jesus! They don’t necessarily know that but when they see us living out our Christianity daily on the job, at home, and in the marketplace they are watching and wondering why we are at peace.

Fan or follower? Is it that Jesus is cool on Sundays or someone you give an occasional nod from time to time? He has his place when it’s convenient but not when He gets in your business. I don’t want to only give Jesus access to part of me but all of me. I want to be willing to do whatever it takes to look and act like Jesus until my journey here is over. What about you? Jesus gave His all for your and He wants you to give your all for Him.

Living by the brook,



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