He Knows Your Name

Today’s estimated world population is 7.2 billion. I have trouble wrapping my head around big numbers like this. But the amazing thing in the midst of this enormous number is if you are a Christian, a Christ follower, a called out one…..God knows your name!

As I was having my morning quiet time I was reading from a devotional that focused on Exodus 33:1-17 while Moses and the people of Israel were in the wilderness. The account was one of the times Moses went into the tent of meeting to meet with God. This meeting was just before the Lord would let His goodness pass before Moses and reveal His name Yahweh to him.

But what arrested my heart this morning was the personal, intimate time they had together while Moses went before God to speak with Him. Moses did not want to move forward while leading these people without God presence. Moses knew that it was God’s extraordinary presence that set them apart as a people and he wanted assurance He would not continue this journey alone. He was in a faith walk but he needed confirmation he was not doing this alone.

When Moses inquired of God about this the reply is recorded in Exodus 33:17, The LORD replied to Moses, “I will indeed do what you have asked, for I look favorably on you, and I know your name.” He knew his name! Even with a crowd of at least a million people Moses was leading God knew his name. God was intimately aware of who he was. And much more that just knowing Moses’s name God would show him His glory. He would give him a glimpse of His goodness and call out His name Yahweh to Moses to confirm everything Moses’s heart was yearning to know.

God was with Moses. God knew Moses. If you are a child of the King He knows your name too! You are not just another face in the crowd. You are known by the Great I AM. Just as He did for Moses He will do greater for us.

The cry of my heart and your heart should be that we don’t want to walk another step unless God is with us. In a devotional by Beth Moore she used the phrase, “The land of promise is the land of His Presence.” Wow, we need His presence more than the land of milk and honey. Everything else should seem absolutely insignificant without His presence. I know I am not always there. What good is all the stuff without that. I am reminded once again that in this life I need the awareness of God’s presence more than anything and as I continue on this journey when I feel lost in a crowd He KNOWS my name. He said good morning to me….Marilyn as He wrapped me in His presence this morning reminding me how much He loves me and that we are on this journey together.

May you also be reminded that God knows your name and He wants to overwhelm you with His presence today and everyday.

Living by the brook,


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