This was a word spoken to me in my spirit when I was having quiet time with the Lord early in May of this year.

Constant – Marked by firm steadfast resolution or faithfulness. Merriam-Webster

As I sat curled up in the chair in my study this morning I was thankful that the Lord also was there. I heard the word ‘constant’ in my spirit. I was reminded as I sat quietly in my chair that the Lord never changes. He is constant! I did not have to be concerned that He didn’t want to speak this early in the morning, or what mood He was in this morning or whether He remembered that I was impatient yesterday or if He really LIKED me that much. He is the same yesterday, today and forever! My forever friend who never changes. Yes He is CONSTANT! In a world that is in a mess and life that is not always so put together as a freshly made bed with hospital corners I can trust that He is here when I get up. I am grateful for my CONSTANT friend’s love and presence this morning.

Living by the brook,

Marilyn Greganti

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